111: How To Know Who to Trust in the Religion World. Guest: Becky Castle Miller

Becky Castle Miller joins Amy to discuss strategies for assessing the character of church leaders, the importance of being informed, and how to navigate the often-discomforting process of learning about and responding to accusations against those in power. 

You’ll also get to listen in on some of our personal experiences—the struggle of having to reconcile conflicting information about individuals we once admired and our responsibility to inform others, while remaining sensitive to those at different places of being able to receive that information.

You’ll hear about the responsibility individuals have to speak out within their communities and organizations, responsibly handling these issues, and why it’s crucial to believe and act upon allegations, even when they first emerge in less formal settings.

Where you can find Becky:

Website: beckycastlemiller.com
Substack: beckycastlemiller.substack.com
Instagram: @wholeemotion
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