67: The Secret to Being Courageous. Guest: KJ Ramsey

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In the introduction to her book, The Book of Common Courage: Prayers and Poems to find strength in small moments, KJ Ramsey says this:

“I titled this book The Book of Common Courage because courage is something we hold in common. Courage is not the possession of the bravest or biggest but the choice to move toward the heart when the mind and body are separated by fear. Courage is the choice to move our fear into communion.

When we don’t have words we need a witness.

We need with-ness.”

Is it possible to be courageous and fearful at the same time?

And what does it look like to start with being a compassionate witness to our own pain?

Author KJ Ramsey joins Amy Fritz for this discussion.

Topics covered:

*Social media boundaries.

*Courage as something you can cultivate.

*Courage begins by being a compassionate witness to yourself.

“When we tell the truth about what we’ve lived, particularly when we have experienced harm, people will not like having to hear because it requires change.”- KJ Ramsey


KJ’s newest book, The Book of Common Courage https://amzn.to/3DcwBMw

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