101: Healing from Pain in Faith Communities. Guests: Lauren and Luke Smallcomb

Lauren and Luke Smallcomb from Flourish Therapy join Amy on the Untangled Faith podcast today to talk about healing from painful experiences in faith communities. Lauren and Luke have their own story of disillusionment as they reckoned with the American evanglical faith system they were brought up in.

After serving as missionaries for several years, the Smallcombs transitioned to doing counseling while still living abroad. You’re going to enjoy hearing their story and their insights.

In this episode, you will:

  • Discover healthy approaches to advocacy pitfalls in faith communities for a more inclusive and supportive environment.
  • Embrace self-reflection and self-awareness to unlock the key to personal growth and healing within faith communities.
  • Learn how to access and express anger in a constructive way to navigate the healing process and find peace.
  • Unlock the power of compassionate curiosity and grace in faith communities to foster understanding, empathy, and healing.
  • Explore the importance of healing from pain within faith communities and discover practical steps to embark on your own journey of healing.


  • Luke and Lauren’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flourish_therapy/
  • Luke and Lauren’s website: https://flourishtherapy.co

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