83: Dave Ramsey’s Legal Nightmare: Time Share Exit Team Class-Action Lawsuit Deep Dive with Melissa Hogan

Dave Ramsey’s Legal Nightmare: Time Share Exit Team Class-Action Lawsuit Deep Dive with Melissa Hogan

Dave Ramsey is facing a class action lawsuit from invested fans who trusted his endorsement of Timeshare Exit Team, a company accused of committing fraud. The case raises questions about what Ramsey knew or should have known, and whether he did due diligence before endorsing the company.

This episode covers:

  • The controversial partnership between Ramsey Solutions and Timeshare Exit Team.
  • The legal implications surrounding the class-action lawsuit filed against Dave Ramsey.
  • The importance of transparency and thorough evaluation in business interactions.
  • The power of class-action lawsuits in promoting a responsible corporate culture.

My special guest is Amy Fritz, Melissa Hogan

Melissa Hogan is an accomplished lawyer with a career spanning over two decades. Her extensive experience has given her a deep understanding of the legal world, which she shares with listeners on the Untangled Faith podcast. Host Amy Fritz invites Melissa to discuss the recent class-action lawsuit against Dave Ramsey. Melissa simplifies the complex legal issues surrounding the case, helping listeners to better understand its implications.

The key moments in this episode are:

How the Lawsuit was Discovered Allegations Against Timeshare Exit Team Endorsed Local Provider Program Expectations for Ramsey’s Response Class Action Lawsuit Timeline


Melissa Hogan’s article on the Time Share Exit Team Class Action Lawsuit against Dave Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions.


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