48: Former Ramsey Solutions Employees Reflect on Their Experience with Ramsey Meetings

Kristen Moser and Dan Watt join Amy Fritz to share their experience as former employees of Ramsey Solutions. In this episode, they share what it was like to experience Ramsey Solutions team meetings- particularly when the meetings were used to control a narrative or manage the image of the organization.

[00:02:05] Intro Kristen Moser and Dan Watt

[00:19:10] In what category of listener in the meetings, were Dan and Kristen?

[00:24:19] Discrediting those who speak out.

[00:28:00] The pattern of Dave’s meetings.

[00:37:42] Pattern of disparaging spouses.

[00:43:18] Response to January RNS article.

[00:59:51] Dave’s demand for loyalty.

[01:00:00] PR spectacles.

[01:03:59] RS’s use of NDA’s.

[01:10:40] Sensemaking.


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