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65: What To Do When You Want to Tell Your Story, But You Can’t

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One of the most common questions those who have experienced harm in a faith community ask is, “What do I do if I want to tell my story, but I can’t right now?” Maybe you signed an NDA. Maybe you have a legitimate fear associated with talking. If part of healing involves talking, what if I can’t talk?


Amy Fritz invites Lydia Craig and Melissa Hogan to join her to talk about how they navigated this for themselves and offer suggestions and hope for others.


Topics Discussed:

*How Amy, Lydia, and Melissa connected.

*When an unhealthy “gossip policy” gets in the way of having important conversations.

*How we figured out what was safe to share and who was safe to share with.

*Being conditioned to not speak.

*Reasons we didn’t/couldn’t speak for a time.

*Other ways to process painful experiences like this without speaking directly and publicly.

*Prioritizing your well-being.

*Going to those who have exited prior to our own exits and asking to hear their story.

*Documenting your experience.

*The advantage we had with being associated with a public figure.

*Private sensemaking.

*What we would do differently.



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