28: Krispin Mayfield- Should I stay in my faith community to try to make a difference?

Krispin Mayfield joins Amy Fritz for a conversation inspired by a tweet: “Has anyone ever stayed at a church to make a change. . . ?”

The decision to stay or leave is full of nuance and situational specific issues. Krispin brings up some things to consider when making this decision. What kind of influence do you have? How much time are you willing to invest? What’s the history of the leadership? Do you have the margin to do this? What message are you sending by staying or leaving?

Mayfield also draws on his research in the area of attachment theory and how that impacts our relationship to organizations.


What’s your motivation? [00:02:38]

What needs to be in place to have a fighting chance for change? [00:04:23]

What do you do if leadership says they are open to change, but nothing seems to change? [00:06:16]

Is this worth my investment? [00:10:47]

How do we know a leader is open to change? [00:14:47]

The toll of staying [00:17:29]

Moses [00:21:36]

Learning from the marginalized[00:25:37]

Attachment [00:28:06]

The cost to stay [00:35:58]

Leaving quietly [00:42:25]


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