64: Reclaiming My Voice: A Short Origin Story of the Untangled Faith Podcast

To kick off 2023 Amy shares a brief origin story of the Untangled Faith podcast.

Quotes from this episode:

“My adult life has been filled with the realization that so many of these people and systems that influenced what I believed being a “good Christian” looked like weren’t who or what I thought they were.”

“So many people I grew up viewing as the standard bearers of Christianity turned out to be hypocrites and grifters and abusers.”

“And that’s when felt this heavy feeling that someone needed to go first. If someone would just be willing to go first others would likely have the courage to do so, too.

And maybe I could go first.”

Blog post Amy wrote in April 2020 about why her husband resigned from Ramsey Solutions: Our Story of Leaving Ramsey Solutions • Amy Fritz (amyfritzwrites.com) https://amyfritzwrites.com/2020/04/15/leaving-ramsey-solutions/

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