27: Ryan Ramsey- A message for people who have lost their faith community & for those who care about them.

Everyone is talking about deconstruction and what that means when it comes to Christians. And what about the verses that tell us not to neglect meeting together as believers? What does “meeting together” even mean? How do we process all of this if we’ve been hurt in a faith community?

Ryan Ramsey joins Amy Fritz to talk about all of this. They wrestle through some tough questions, address how the pandemic has tossed extra landmines into this topic and talk about the difference between Christian institutions and the body of Christ. Finally, Ryan offers encouragement for those who are struggling.

Key topics:

  • Why people have left the local church [00:03:04]
  • Is it okay to take time away from a local church? [00:05:27]
  • COVID-19 and the local church [00:09:39]
  • What to look for in a faith community [00:27:18]
  • Slowly entering into a new faith community [00:34:45]
  • Ryan’s words to those who are struggling [00:41:37]


Dr. Emily Smith, Epidemiologist

On Looking for a Church or Ministry

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