97: When MLMs Come to Church. Guest: Chris Staron

Have you ever had a long-lost friend reach out to connect with you on social media only to discover they really just wanted to sell you something connected to the Multi Level Marketing business they were a part of?

Or maybe you’re one of those folks who has been pulled into an MLM and you’re drowning.

Or maybe you’re worried about a friend who has quit their  J O B to do direct sales and you’re concerned that they aren’t able to pay their bills.

And what in the world does this have to do with Christianity? I can’t wait for you to listen!

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the harmful impacts of MLMs on Christian communities and their faith practices.
  • Deconstruct the cunning methods and marketing lures of MLMs especially crafted for Christians.
  • Gain insight about the financial risk and losses commonly faced by individuals drawn into MLMs.
  • Probe the link between MLMs and the prosperity gospel belief widely accepted in Christian contexts.
  • Highlight the necessity for cultivated thought and vigilance in fending off MLM scheming.

Say hello to Chris Staron, renowned for being unafraid to tackle controversial topics within the church. He brings his thoughtful and fair approach to this discussion as the host of the Truce podcast. Going from historical Christian issues to present-day conundrums such as MLMs, he engenders a deep understanding of the church’s dynamics.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:03 – The Influence of MLMs in the Church, 00:06:32 – MLMs as Schemes, 00:08:12 – MLMs Targeting Christians, 00:10:48 – MLMs and Faith, 00:12:44 – The Math of MLMs, 00:13:58 – The Structure of Multilevel Marketing, 00:15:33 – Challenges and Inconveniences of MLM, 00:16:49 – MLM and False Promises, 00:19:16 – Limited Market and Financial Challenges, 00:21:37 – MLM Company Profits and Fees, 00:28:51 – The Problem with Disclosures and Fine Print, 00:29:51 – The Responsibility of Believers in Direct Sales, 00:31:46 – The Prosperity Gospel and Financial Curriculums, 00:36:23 – Tying Christianity to Extra Pursuits, 00:39:57 – Understanding and Admitting MLM Involvement, 00:43:00 – Making Bad Financial Decisions, 00:43:46 – Supporting Friends in Financial Distress, 00:45:13 – Helping Others with Budgeting, 00:46:07 – Where to Find More Information, 00:46:51 – Wrapping Up and Future Conversations,


  • Check out the Truce podcast: https://trucepodcast.com
  • Listen to The Dream podcast about MLMs: https://www.pushkin.fm/podcasts/the-dream

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