94: Lawsuit Update: Hypocrisy and Double Standards at Ramsey Solutions

Lawsuit Update: Hypocrisy and Double Standards at Ramsey Solutions

Explicit content and language warning.

** This is a conversation that was recorded for the Untangled Faith Patreon community in December of 2022. Since it has been about a year since there was much movement in the O’Connor lawsuit, I decided to share this audio publicly. If you hear any mention of “upcoming” dates, keep in mind that this was recorded almost a year ago.**

In this episode of the Untangled Faith podcast, host Amy Fritz is joined by attorney, Melissa Hogan, to discuss the ongoing lawsuits that involve Dave Ramsey’s company, Ramsey Solutions (The Lampo Group), and the hypocrisy and double standards within the organization.

Melissa shares from her perspective as an attorney and from her personal experience with Ramsey Solutions in regard to the O’Connor lawsuit.

Melissa and Amy also discuss the inadequate investigation conducted by Ramsey Solutions and shed light on the power dynamics within the organization and the intimidation faced by individuals who challenge the status quo.

This episode serves as a wake-up call to listeners, reminding them of the need for ethical and responsible behavior within organizations.

We should all be living in a way that if a camera was following us around, our goal is to be able to stand by whatever we’ve said or done. – Melissa Hogan


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