92: How To Help A Grieving Friend. Guest: Natasha Smith

Note from Amy: I recorded and edited this podcast before a dear friend experienced a deep grief. This was already scheduled and uploaded and ready to share prior to that.  So, while it may seem that this podcast is shared in response to that, it was not.


If you’ve ever heard someone offer a Scripture verse at the wrong time or wanted to punch a wall after hearing someone offer a platitude to a grieving mother, you’re going to appreciate today’s episode.

Natasha Smith joins me for a conversation about grief. This is a personal one for me because I share about a deep, unexpected grief in my own life.

And, as a reminder to those of you who are in the Patreon community, I’ve there is some bonus audio with Natasha in which I share one of the kindest things I heard from a friend after I lost my mom. To listen to that, or to sign up for access, go to patreon.com/untangledfaith

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