91: Navigating the Intersection of Faith & Politics. Guest: Kaitlyn Schiess

“Read widely and in diverse communities. Challenge your biases and seek out perspectives that differ from your own. This will lead to a better understanding of Scripture and its application to our lives.” – Kaitlyn Schiess

While an undergrad at Liberty University, Kaitlyn Schiess detoured from her plan to go to law school after the ideas involved in the intersection of religion and politics captured her attention. That detour led to Dallas Seminary and Duke Divinity School instead of law school and it has lead to two books on the subjects we’re not supposed to talk about in polite company: Religion and Politics.

And that’s a lucky break for us because Kaitlyn is the perfect person to join the Untangled Faith podcast to talk about this in a way that feels more like an invitation to something better than a challenge to enter a boxing ring.

Key moments from this episode:

Excitement for the New Book, Kaitlyn’s Unexpected Path into Religion and Politics, Co-opting the Phrase “City on a Hill”, The Importance of Reading Widely and in Community, Exploring Diverse Perspectives through Commentaries, Navigating Political Differences in Christian Community, The History of Cherry Picking Verses, Moving Beyond Cherry Picking, The Bible’s Relevance to Political Questions, Seeking Christ-likeness,


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