81: Prophetic Presence: Lyndsey Medford on Trusting God Through Chronic Illness

Just as Lyndsey was starting a new chapter in her life, her chronic illness resurfaced, sending her on a journey of self-discovery and unexpected twists. But what she learned along the way will leave you rethinking your own relationship with your body and the world around you.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Trusting God through chronic Illness
  • The role of chronic illness as a prophetic presence in today’s world.
  • New perspectives on faith and community for individuals with disabilities.
  • The significance of accessibility and inclusion within religious communities.
  • The art of engaging with marginalized individuals without exploiting their experiences.
  • The importance of tuning into and valuing our own bodies.

My special guest is Lyndsey Medford. Lyndsey is the author of My Body and Other Crumbling Empires. She has faced the trials of chronic illness firsthand and uses her experiences to delve into the connections between faith, health, and identity.

Key moments in this episode are: Coming to Terms with Chronic Illness,  Theological Reflections on the Body,  Reconsidering Church Theology,  Embracing Slow Growth,  The American Dream Mentality,  The Story of the Sick Woman,  Overlooking the Importance of Indoor Ventilation,  Hope Amidst Crumbling,  Learning from Disabled People/ Chronic Illness Ministry


Lyndsey Medford’s new book: My Body and Other Crumbling Empires: Lessons for Healing in a World that is Sick https://amzn.to/3BSAcOK

Lyndsey Medford’s website: https://www.lyndseymedford.com

Lyndsey Medford on on Instagram: https://www/instagram.com/lyndseymedford

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