78: The True Meaning of Discipleship. Guest: Caesar Kalinowski

A note from Amy:

I asked my guest this week some awkward questions because I feel strongly about caring for the people who listen to my podcast. I know you’re not showing up to listen to a softball interview with someone trying to sell something.

I think we’re all allergic to that.

In this episode, we dig deeper into authentic relationships and discipleship in our faith communities that goes beyond measuring Butts in seats, Budgets, and Baptisms.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The true meaning of discipleship
  • Everyday discipleship
  • Discipleship training
  • Nurturing real connections and uniting believers by embracing the power of community within discipleship.
  • Reorienting your church’s priorities from tracking weekly turnout to nurturing spiritual maturation.
  • Maintaining a delicate equilibrium between extending invitations and presenting growth opportunities in your faith journey.
  • Creating an environment that values trust and fosters vulnerability amongst your congregation.
  • Elevating the concept of one’s position within the heavenly family over transactional interactions in religious life.


Everyday Disciple with Ceasar Kalinowski: https://everydaydisciple.com

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