74: Orphaned Believers. Guest: Sara Billups

Author Sara Billups writes this in her book Orphaned Believers.

“Many of us are questioning if it’s worth staying in the church as we know it. The problem is, as hard as it may be, and with very few exceptions- captivity, a desert island- we can’t fully experience Jesus without some form of Christian community.

This book is for you, orphaned believer, weary from loss, and yet putting full hope in Jesus. It is also for you who have left church and remain compelled by the Christian story.

Because the spirit of God can work even, and especially, in our wandering.”

In this episode, Sara Billups shares about how some of the missteps of the white American Evangelical church impacted her faith formation. Culture wars, end times obsession, and consumerism, oh my!

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Sara’s book Orphaned Believers: https://amzn.to/3zuSKDk

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