70: Whistleblowing On The Record: Lori Harding & Lori Adams-Brown’s Experience

What happened when Lori Adams-Brown and Lori Harding courageously revealed the truth about abuse of power in the church? “We do what we can with what we know, and that is a courageous act of faith.” -Lori Adams-Brown Lori Adams-Brown and Lori Harding are two courageous women who have gone on the record with a journalist to share their experiences with abusive and unhealthy leaders in the church. They both have a deep love for Jesus and a desire to bring justice and healing to those who have been hurt. Lori Adams-Brown and Lori Harding found the courage to speak out despite the personal risk. In this episode, you will learn the following: 1. What was it like to wait for their stories to be shared? 2. What they would have done differently. 3. Advice to those considering speaking out.


Lori Harding’s story-




Lori Adams-Brown story-


EXCLUSIVE: Former Staffers Expose Bullying, Abuse of Rick Warren’s Successor Andy Wood


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