69:Going On The Record with Lori Adams-Brown & Lori Harding: Trust, Trauma & Telling Your Story

“We felt like this was an inside conversation. We did this out of love to protect sheep. Exposing the darkness to the light is how it happens.” – Lori Adams-Brown

Some of you have a story to tell that you’ve never told anyone.

And some of you are wondering if that story should find it’s way to a journalist.

Where would you go?

How does that even work?

What all goes into the process and what do you need to know to make it out on the other side?

Today I’m joined by two friends who answer those questions as we pull back the curtain to show you what it’s like to go on the record for a journalist.

Lori Adams-Brown shares more about speaking on the record with Julie Roys about her experience with Pastor Andy Wood, successor to Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

Lori Harding shares about speaking on the record with Julie Roys about her experience with Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church.

Lori Adams-Brown and Lori Harding are two courageous women who have gone on the record with journalist Julie Roys to share their stories of abuse in the church. In this episode:

1. How they decided to go public with their story of abuse. What was the process like? What were their concerns? How did they navigate the process? 2. The role of investigative journalism in exposing the darkness and restoring the church: How did they choose a reporter? What were the expectations? What was the interview process like? 3. The consequences of speaking out: How did they couple prepare for the backlash? What were some of the criticisms they faced?


Lori Harding’s story-



Lori Adams-Brown story-


EXCLUSIVE: Former Staffers Expose Bullying, Abuse of Rick Warren’s Successor Andy Wood

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