68: Navigating the Third Way in a Polarized Political Climate. Guest: Robin Jester Wootton

After spending her twenties running away from the church, Robin Wootton finds hope through a PCA church. And then it all started to crumble. Robin’s husband (a PCA pastor) was fired while the COVID pandemic raged. In the subsequent months and years, she’s given a lot of consideration to the false neutrality of the church’s leadership. “We’re never called to be neutral.”

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Presbyterian Church in America Problems
  2.  How the church saved Robin Wootton and her experience of the PCA.
  3. The concept of a “third way” or “both sides” approach and Peacemaking  in the church.
  4. The consequences of Robin Wootton and her husband’s attempt to challenge power dynamics in the PCA.

“Laboring in a context where the middle ground has the most power, we’re always going to be pitched as the extreme on one side. Someone like me will always be seen as an extremist.”

“If you can picture a place where Tim Keller is seen as an extreme progressive liberal, then you understand the context I’m in.”

“Are there people who are laboring in good faith who see things I can’t see?”


Robin’s book: Carrying Casseroles on Motorcycles: The Risk and Rewards of Balancing the Church https://amzn.to/3HmnL04

Robin’s website: the wife & times of Reverend Wootton – a blog about faith, hope, and mostly love (wordpress.com)– https://robinwootton.wordpress.com

Redeeming Power by Dr. Diane Langberg https://amzn.to/3RnAEM0

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