66: Learning To Love The Place You Came From (When You’d Rather Be Somewhere Else). Guest: Dr. Lauren Pinkston

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They say you can’t go home again, but what if all the doors of the exciting life you imagined were closing? What if you dreamed of doing work in an urban area, but instead ended up in Columbia, TN, an hour south of Nashville, where your husband grew up? Oh, and you make this big move right as politics have become a dumpster fire and a pandemic is about to start raging.

Is it possible God is working and moving in our neighborhoods where we bump into folks who have a tendency to be suspicious of each other’s politics and different faith expressions?

Dr. Lauren Pinkston joins Amy Fritz for this conversation.

Topics Discussed:

*Ending up in Columbia, TN in 2019 in the middle of political tension and an upcoming pandemic.

*Learning to love a place you come from when you know all of its dirt.

*Learning that God is not only pursuing people across the globe, but here in the southern United States, as well.

*House church.

*We cannot assume those who are no longer in the pews on a Sunday have fallen away from God.

*Viewing God’s work in the global church makes our vision bigger and wider regarding the ways God is bringing hope.

*The process of sanctification should be much higher to us than a one and done salvation moment.

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