The Untangled Faith Podcast

Hosted ByAmy Fritz

A podcast for anyone who has found their self disillusioned or discouraged in their faith journey and who wants to hold on to their faith while untangling it from all that is not good or true.

Colby and Kat Wilkins’ Story

Colby and Kat Wilkins shared their story with the Untangled Faith Podcast over several episodes in early 2022.

If you’re trying to follow along and figure out where their story is on certain episodes, here’s a map for you:

Episode 30: From 00:01:45-00:05:25

Episode 31: From 00:12:13-00:19:00

Episode 32: From 07:20-00:29:55

Episode 34: Entire episode

Episode 35: From 00:06:38- 00:41:23

Episode 35b: Whole episode

Episode 36: From 00:34:00-end.

Bonus content from Kat, Colby, and Emily from March 29, 2022

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