49: Kyle J. Howard shares about his work in advocacy for Spiritual Abuse survivors & Racial Trauma survivors.

Kyle J. Howard joins Amy to share his experience as an advocate for those who have experienced racial trauma and spiritual abuse.

[00:03:32] Kyle’s story

[00:15:36] “My work in spiritual abuse advocacy. . .has been way more divisive than my work in racial trauma.”

[00:19:13] “One of the things toxic or abusive leaders do is create a cultic culture where people believe they are not worthy of their leaders.”

[00:21:13] “I have no regrets and my credibility is intact.”

[00:26:45] “I think there’s a problem when we have positions of influence and we want all the benefits, but none of the actual costs.”

[00:29:03] “When we value ourselves and our own platforms more than we value people and their souls, our credibility is just going to crumble along the way.”

[00:32:05] What White communities can learn from the Black church about holding on to their faith.

[00:35:23] “When your theological formulation is grounded in power and privilege than when there is loss and suffering, you are not necessarily equipped to actually be able to engage these things in a comprehensive or well-rounded way.”

[00:45:00] “We are most intimately connected to Christ during our most profound suffering, not during our greatest moments of wealth and enjoyment.”

[00:50:00] Effective victim advocacy.


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Prophetic Lament book https://amzn.to/3J1E4zK 



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