41: Purity Culture and its impact on guys. Guest: Sheila Gregoire

Over the last decade, work has been done to address the unintended consequences of purity culture for women who grew up in the evangelical environment. Not as much conversation has revolved around the impact on guys.

In today’s episode Sheila Gregoire joins Amy Fritz to talk about Sheila’s new book The Good Guy’s Guide to Great Sex.

What part part of the intimacy equation have we failed to education men about? What do guys need to understand about the mental load their wife often carries? Why is it hard to Christian evangelical women to listen to their bodies? What toxic and damaging message do we need to stop telling guys about porn?

{00:01:47} Rethinking the “Girl’s” Guide

{00″20:25} The wedding night = the perfect storm.

{00:24:50} Mental load

{00:38:40} Myths about porn

{00:49:57} A personal note from Amy


The Gift of Sex

The Great Sex Rescue

The Good Guys Guide to Great Sex

The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex

Sheila Gregoire’s site

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