40: What’s the Research Telling Us About Church Trends? Guest: Glenn Packiam

For over 30 years, The Barna Group has conducted research in the area of faith, culture, leadership and vocation. In 2020 they conducted a new study and collaborated with Glenn Packiam to author a book that shared their recent research results in a way that helped pastors grapple with how to pastor in this rapidly changing culture. The result was The Resilient Pastor: Leading Your Church in a Rapidly Changing World.

In this episode Amy chat with author, Glenn Packiam about what he learned through this study and what it means for church health and ministry going forward.

{00:02:13} Who is Glenn Packiam and what is his ministry background?

{00:05:59} Is the current model of pastor sustainable?

{00:10:40} A visit with Eugene Peterson

{00:13:17} The pastor credibility problem

{00:21:15} How Glenn came to be an ordained Anglican preach at a nondenominational church

{00:27:16} How do we measure discipleship?

{00:31:26} Is “Becoming more Christlike” the same as “Learning to live a more consistent Christian life”?

{00:33:43} Pluralism, Paganism, and Individualism

{00:39:35} Jesus walks with the disciples on the road to Emmaus.


Willow Creek’s troubles can be found in its word cloud (religionnews.com)


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