39: The Problem with Financial Peace University & the Ramsey Solutions Financial Rhetoric

Dan and Summer Watt & Melissa Hogan joined me for episode 39: The Problem with Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Rhetoric.  ⁠ This conversation we had was made possible by the fact that those of us involved in this episode have spent the last several years processing together our experiences with the ups and downs of Financial Peace University and the rhetoric coming from the Ramsey Show.⁠ ⁠ While we all had different levels of understanding and adhering to the plan, each of us have found ourselves with serious questions. Some of these questions started before we broke ties with the organization and some of these realizations came later.⁠ ⁠ We don’t claim to be unbiased observers. We all have had very painful and disappointing experiences with Ramsey Solutions, but we don’t think that negates the very real questions we raise.⁠


D.L. Mayfield, The Myth of the American Dream

Dan Watt- Why Write About Lampo?

Dan Watt- Getting a Mortgage with no credit score

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