38: Misunderstood: Are We “Dogging” on the Church? Guests: Jenai Auman and Mary DeMuth

A week ago a sermon clip from a prominent pastor was shared widely on social media. In it the pastor had some pointed things to say about those talking about unhealthy churches and Christian leaders. Is speaking up like I’m doing here “dogging” on the church? Jenai Auman, writer and advocate for spiritual abuse survivors joins me for this conversation and later in the episode, author Mary DeMuth shares about her new book The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible.

{00:03:35} Jenai Auman and the Wilderness Forum

{00:08:15} Seeing institutional protection in faith communities

{00:11:30} The cost of being an advocate. We didn’t choose this.

{00:16:06} The Evangelical Industrial Complex

{00:20:51} The Exodus

{00:24:31} The sermon clip that inspired our conversation

{00:27:36} Are we expecting grace without offering it?

{00:32:24} Are we still welcome at the table?

{00:36:16} Wrap-up of our conversation regarding the MC video.

{00:38:18} Sponsorship. The Ten Minute Bible Hour. Check them out here: link

{00:39:12} Mary DeMuth

{00:46:30} Misconceptions about women in the Bible

{00:50:05} Is this book just for women?

{00:52:20} Healing in community

{01:02:00} Speaking up v. being silence when there is a misunderstanding. Links: Jenai Auman on Instagram

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Mary DeMuth’s book: The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible: What Their Stories Teach Us About Thriving

Mary DeMuth’s Instagram

Ryan Ramsey tweet thread: Ryan Ramsey on Twitter: “*Long(!)Thread* This is not a new observation but I’m reminded of it in the wake of Bethel Church events in the last week +: Fans/members/devotees of beloved faith communities are highly susceptible to adopting a belief in the ‘inherent goodness’ of that community. 🔽” / Twitter

Entire Sermon Amy and Jenai reference: link

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