36: Let’s Talk about Grief: Parenting a Child with a Rare Disease with Melissa Hogan and Catching Up with Colby and Kat Wilkins and Emily Snook

To wrap up this season on grief, Melissa Hogan joins Amy to share candidly the grief and being the mom of a child with a rare fatal disease.  She shares this beautiful and terrible journey with us.

Colby and Kat Wilkins & Emily Snook join Amy again to share their thoughts on the podcast season and the responses they have received. Emily also gives us some bonus schooling on Baptist polity.

[00:00:00] Intro
[00:01:39] Melissa
[00:29:44] Colby and Kat Wilkins and Emily Snook
[00:42:00] Emily gets real Baptist!
[00:43:00] Colby talks
[00:46:15] Kat- the pieces are coming together
[00:50:14] Emily has something to say
[00:54:00] Kat and Colby


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