30: On Grief & Loss of Community & Story with Curtis Chang

Curtis Chang, consulting faculty at Duke Divinity school and host of the Good Faith Podcast, joins Amy Fritz for a conversation about grief and hopelessness.

This episode kicks off a season focusing on grief. Kat Wilkins and Emily Snook also share some of their own stories of grief.

Kat Wilkins: [00:01:55]

Emily Snook: [00:05:46]

Curtis Chang: [00:08:28]

Subversions of the Gospel story: [00:15:44]

The tension of being in the middle of the story: [00:18:17]

Grief is critical to hope: [00:23:04]

Grieving is deeply biblical: [00:27:00]

Deconstructing in the Bible: [00:30:50]

The heart of Christian hope: [00:38:55]

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