Pastoring People Who Have Experienced Church Hurt. Guest: Ryan Ramsey

Amy Fritz is joined by pastor and chaplain Ryan Ramsey.  Join them for a discussion on Ryan’s deconstruction of the role of pastor,  and why he advises people with church hurt not to move on, but to move in.  They round out this conversation with a discussion about how to respond to reports of church hurt and how to deal with betrayal blindness and cognitive dissonance when we’re told news about a person or organization that differs from what we have experienced or want to believe.


3:22- How being a chaplain has informed Ryan’s experience as a pastor.

8:12- The Biblical model of pastor.

14:50- The difference between “moving on” and “moving in”.

21:00- Dealing with the cognitive dissonance of reckoning with negative accounts about a leader or organization you admire or benefit from.

25:00- Toxic loyalty.

31:36- How to respond to revelations of church hurt.


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