The Untangled Faith Podcast

Hosted ByAmy Fritz

A podcast for anyone who has found their self disillusioned or discouraged in their faith journey and who wants to hold on to their faith while untangling it from all that is not good or true.

Introducing the Untangled Faith Podcast

If you’ve ever found yourself hurt or disillusioned by your faith journey and wanted to hold onto your faith while untangling it from all the things that aren’t good or true, this is the podcast for you.

We’re sharing the hard and hopeful stories. We’re talking about what happens when deep hurts collide with our faith experience. We’re exploring what it means to be a wounded resisters hanging on to our faith.  And we’re talking about what hope looks like on the other side.

Join us for season 1 of Untangled Faith, coming April 14 2021.

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